Missing Index Astartes

Can you help?

The Index Astartes (IA) for this chapter has not be found. I have searched Google and such, but have not turned up any further information. As far as I can tell this Chapter exists only as a name on a list along with this colour scheme. If you know where the IA for this chapter can be found please leave a comment over on the Bolter and Chainsword forum – in this thread;

= Request for links to your DIY Chapters =

If you are making your own chapter that happens to have the same name as an MIA chapter in the list, or are inspired by an MIA name  to create your own DIY, you are welcome to sign up to the Bolter and Chainsword forum and post your concept here;


Submit your new version (add a note to the submission that it is replacing an MIA chapter already in the gallery) in this thread, and I’ll update the list. Please bear in mind that if the original creator of the chapter comes forward, they’ll get priority and theirs will be reinstated. However, I can add your chapter as an alternative link.

To be included in the 1,000 Chapter Project you need an image of a tactical marine from your chapter armed with a bolter, rendered with the beta Space Marine Painter, a chapter icon and IA (or at least a good concept, WIP thread).

Best wishes,

Philip Sibbering

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